Infant Massages

1 Class – $75/Parent and Child

If you ever thought a massage for a baby wouldn’t service any benefits, think again. When people think of massage, they think of stress relief. Well, it’s more than just that. Massage can also improve certain bodily functions, such as motor functions, lymph node functions, digestive functions, blood flow, etc. We can’t think of one loving parent who wouldn’t want that for their child. Infant massage is fully realized and the results speak volumes. Here are some of the benefits of infant massage: … Read More

Couple Massage Class

1 Class – $250/Couple

Stresses from work, traffic, lack of time, series of unpleasant incidents… I’m getting stressed just from typing the words. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the edge off of your spouse and to have your spouse do the same? I bet the answer is yes. I have heard for years from clients that have come to see me for a massage, (primarily wives) that their spouse is just terrible when it comes to a request for a massage. I would like to transform that general negative outlook into … Read More


Linda StewartLinda Stewart
22:15 30 Nov 21
Christopher is a rare find!! Besides being easy on the eyes, he is a master at the art of touch and his craft of being a masseuse. From start to finish he makes you feel like you have entered the most relaxing zone and space of zen! He is professional, respectful and always makes sure that your needs are met when it comes to getting a sports, deep Tissue or just regular therapeutic massage! I just wish he was closer to my area and he’d see me every week! He is beyond highly recommended by me!! Do yourself a favor and bring his love language of touch into your life!!
Kibibi SpringsKibibi Springs
20:59 30 Nov 21
This has quickly become one of my favorite places for a recharge and reset physically and mentally. The space is tranquil and serene and the professionals know their bodywork modalities very well. Highly skilled, I always leave refreshed and feeling much better than when I entered. It's also conveniently located. Highly recommend.
S. ThompsonS. Thompson
17:13 30 Nov 21
The Love Language of Touch is a very calming and relaxing environment. I have been there on several occasions and it continues to be inviting, professional, and serene. I always leave feeling better than when I came. From the aromatherapy to the soothing therapeutic music, I can find a moment of peace and restoration. I would encourage anyone if they need a “self care” moment to check out this gem in Fayetteville. You’ll be glad you did!
Lalita BennettLalita Bennett
14:36 30 Nov 21
Christopher is amazing! He's attentive, patient and professional. Its a nice calming environment and you feel your stress melt away in his nice strong hands. His prices are reasonable and he knows what he's doing. He's the first masseuse I purchased a multiple massage plan from. Top notch!
E RaZzE RaZz
18:38 27 Nov 21
Christopher was wonderful. He knew exactly what I needed to get myself back to 100%. I was extremely stressed and my body hurt all by over and felt extremely exhausted and over worked. My body felt like it was 180 years old 🥴, after one visit with this awesome miracle worker I felt brand spanking NEW, the 2.0 version, new and improved me!! He worked out all the kinks and knots I had all over my body. This man has amazing hands and was very careful to check with me on the pressure he was delivering and made sure I was very comfortable. The experience was AMAZING! I can’t wait to go back! All I can say is he is a must visit!!